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COREtec LVT Flooring

COREtec LVT Flooring

COREtec is an outstanding alternative to those glue down LVT options, and do you know what? It’s a great alternative to solid locking LVT and laminate flooring, too. COREtec’s patented construction features an innovative core structure that is made from recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone and virgin PVC. That’s just one of the 4 layers! The bottom layer is a cork underlay that comes attached that provides added sound insulation, absorbs the imperfections of your subfloor and aids your flooring in naturally resisting mold and mildew. Their also 100% waterproof so you won’t need to deal with swelling floors. The COREtec Core Structure is topped with a luxury vinyl top layer that is durable and helps to prevent nicks, dents and chips in your flooring. On top of that is the wear layer. The wear layer protects your flooring against excessive wear and makes it easier to clean as well as more resistant to stains. It’s also suitable for commercial use. There are currently five ranges of COREtec: the 5” plank, the 7” wide, XL, Large Tiles and One. There are two ranges coming soon and those are the Design and HD ranges. There are twelve different shades of flooring when it comes to the 7” wide plank, 11 of them are shades of oak, with just one pine: Olympic Pine. The shades of oak are: Hudson Valley, Blackstone, Alabaster, Ivory Coast, Saginaw, Waterfront, Margate, Georgetown, Nantucket, St. Andrew’s and Kingswood. The 5” plank also has 12 shades: Gold Coast Acacia, Deep Smoked Oak, Northwoods Oak, Boardwalk Oak, Rocky Mountain Oak, Carolina Pine, Black Walnut, Clear Lake Oak, Norwegian...