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Sanding and Refinishing

So you’ve just arrived home from visiting a friend of yours for dinner and suddenly you got envious that her hardwood floors is better than yours. What will you do? Do you immediately tell your spouse that you want to have new floors installed to match hers? If you can afford to; then why not install new floors? However, if you are on a budget, you may spruce up your hardwood floors by engaging in a sanding and refinishing project.

Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is a project that you and your spouse can do so that you can save on costs. However, before you start on the project you must first decide whether you will need to sand down your floors or just do a simple refinishing on them. You can do a bead test on your floor to determine if you need to have your floors sanded down and refinished. If a drop of water quickly seeps through the floor, then you need to have your floors sanded down and refinished.

The traditional repair and refinishing of hardwood floors will often involve sanding down about 1/32 inches of the wood surface. This process will remove any existing finish that the old wood may have. After thoroughly sanding the existing hardwood, you may apply a stain to the wood to change it to any color that you prefer before applying either an oil base finish or water base finish on the wood. The traditional sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors will often take even the experts several days so it is advisable to let experts such as Wood Floor Planet of New Jersey to do the job for you. An alternative way of refinishing hardwood floors is through the use of dustless refinishing. Wood Floor Planet of New Jersey does this by scuffing the existing hardwood floor lightly and then etching it with a chemical. Any minor damages in the old hardwood floor are repaired first before a new top coat or finish is applied.

Wood Floor Planet recommends dustless refinishing for floors that have only minor damages to it. This will lessen the amount that will be sanded off from the floors top surface making your floors last longer. Dustless refinishing is also much less expensive than the traditional sanding and refinishing methods and is better for New Jersey homeowners with allergies since there will be significantly less wood particles that will be floating around your homes after the project is done. In fact, Wood Floor Planet can assure you that they can remove more than 95% of the dust that would be left behind from using the traditional sanding and refinishing methods.

So stop being envious of the flooring you see in other houses. Have dustless refinishing done to your floors today!