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Mercier Wood Flooring

Mercier Wood Flooring

When you decide to invest in Mercier Wood Flooring for your home you aren’t just buying a floor, you’re buying a dream. With over 2,000 options to choose from you are sure to be inspired. This is a business that has been producing wood flooring for 35 years, starting in Marcel Mercier’s workshop, and continues to do so at a high standard. They are truly committed to keeping green and the finish is Greenguard Certified and made of 100% soybean oil, which is the healthiest choice. Marcel Mercier started out as a cabinet maker and he used that experience and knowledge to create factory finished wood flooring. An industry leader in factory finished flooring, Mercier has removed the need for customers to have their flooring finished with sanding after installation. It’s quick, safe and easy to lay. Mercier relies on its own dedicated hardwood sawmill to provide all of the raw materials used to make its wood flooring. You will find Mercier flooring comes with a 35 year guarantee for residential use and a 5 year guarantee with commercial use. The Greenguard Certified finish is durable, clear and smooth. Mercier Wood flooring now operates two mills, in Drummondville and Montmagny (Quebec), and do so to keep their carbon footprint as green as possible. They truly maximize their use of raw material and work hard to reduce atmospheric emissions and responsibly source their wood. They also recycle 100% of the wood waste from production: whether it’s shavings, sawdust, chips, bark or flooring planks that are unusable- all of these items are recovered and then reintegrated into the industry. It could...