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Quarter Sawn Oak: Rift and Quartered Flooring

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Quarter sawn oak has its growth rings approximately perpendicular to its broad face, thus, producing both quartered and rift lumber.  When cutting the oak, the manufacturer usually cuts the log into quarters with a single board cut off one face with the next board cut from the opposite face. Cutting from alternating faces is the key to making quarter sawn oak.

While the description has its technical aspects, you can overlook the process to focus instead on the benefits that quarter sawn oak – or any other hardwood – for that matter can provide.

Gorgeous Grain

When it comes to the grain patterns in the wood, nothing compares in beauty to the gorgeous appearance of the grain in quarter sawn oak. You will love that the wavy grain, interlocked grain, and medullary ray flecks in quarter sawn oak are all dramatically enhanced by the process. Such is the beauty of the wood that the revival, reproductions and renovations of heirloom furniture and Mission-style furniture demand the use of quarter sawn oak for the best results.

Quarter Sawn Oak Great Structural Quality

Quarter sawn oak is also the uncontested winner in comparison with plain sawn lumber in terms of the following structural qualities:

  • Reduced risks for shrinking and swelling in the width of the finished lumber
  • Reduced defects including warping, cupping, and warping
  • Lesser susceptibility to surface checking
  • Better wear in flowing applications
  • Smoother surface since the raised grain is not as pronounced

The bottom line: quarter sawn oak is the best choice in case you are looking for the most durable, stable and strong wood flooring materials.

Best Value for Money

Admittedly, quarter sawn oak is more expensive than plain sawn wood. This is because quarter sawn oak requires higher quality log, greater time investments, and greater skill to manufacture. But when you consider that quarter sawn oak will last for generations to come in comparison with plain sawn wood, then you will see that you are getting the best value for your money.

Quarter Sawn Oak Ecological Benefit

Using quarter sawn oak also has an ecological benefit that few customers realize in the belief that its manufacturing process is wasteful. This is because quarter sawn oak is sawn from the inside out, which means there is more usable lumber from each log.

The trick is in choosing a lumber manufacturer or supplier that adopts eco-friendly processes in its quarter sawn oak production. You should carefully scout the market for this purpose. Check Wood Floor Planet’s showroom for premium quality wood floors.