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Hardwood Floor Installation

Choosing hardwood flooring for your home will significantly increase its value; however, it will prove to be a costly investment especially if you opt to have solid hardwood floors installed instead of the engineered floors. Nevertheless, hardwood flooring is a worthwhile investment that will last for generations, especially if installed properly.

When it comes to installing hardwood floors, you may do the project yourself if you are knowledgeable about it. However, if you do not have the experience in carpentry or wood crafting, you better leave the hardwood floor installation to the experts. Remember that hardwood floors cost a lot of money so it will be a waste if the installation turns out to be haphazardly done. Hiring installation experts such as those from Wood Floor Planet in New Jersey will give you peace of mind that your hardwood flooring investment will be properly done. Here are two processes that are important in hardwood floor installation.

Wood floor acclimation. Installing hardwood floors is not just merely setting the wooden planks down the floors and sticking them together, or nailing them down. There are a lot of preparations involved before the wood flooring materials will even be touched. For example, there are hardwood flooring materials that need to be acclimated first before they can be disturbed or removed from their boxes. Wood floor acclimation is necessary so that the amount of moisture between the new flooring and its environment is in equilibrium with each other. Wood floor acclimation will prevent the flooring from becoming warped or deformed after they have been installed. The amount of time for acclimation may last from one to five days depending on your chosen wood species.

Sub-floor preparation. Whatever type of hardwood flooring you choose Wood Floor Planet of New Jersey will require some types of sub-floor preparation to be made. Different types of hardwood flooring may require specific type of preparation. When the subfloor is not prepared properly, this ill-preparation may exhibit itself on the new hardwood floor surface. For example, a subfloor that is left uneven may result in uneven hardwood surfaces after installation.

Since you have already decided to have hardwood floors installed in your home, it is necessary to avoid skimping on the cost of installing them. At Wood Floor Planet New Jersey, we can offer you big discounts if you purchase the hardwood flooring materials from us and have us perform the installation too.