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Tricks of the Trade in Installing Teragren Bamboo Floors

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Teragren bamboo floors are among the best choices in floors for residential and commercial buildings because of their outstanding beauty, durability and stability than many flooring products. But these benefits can only be enjoyed when the Teragren bamboo floors are installed in the right manner at the right time.

You are well-advised to hire professional flooring installers to perform the job especially when you have little to no experience handling Teragren bamboo flooring. Fortunately, you can also install the Teragren bamboo planks as a do-it-yourself project although you have to read and watch instructional materials before laying down the first plank. Here are a few of the tricks of the trade that you should keep in mind when installing Teragren bamboo planks.

Consider the Subfloor Surface for the Teragren Bamboo Floors

Teragren bamboo planks can be installed in three main ways. Before deciding on the method, you have to determine the type of subfloor surface upon which the Teragren bamboo flooring will be laid on.

For wood subfloors, the preferred method is nailing the Teragren bamboo boards with either nails or staples.

For concrete subfloors, the most common method is to glue the Teragren bamboo boards. Be sure to use a low-VOC, premium, water-free flooring adhesive specifically recommended by the adhesive manufacturer for use with bamboo flooring.

For DIY enthusiasts, the best option recommended by professionals is the floating, snap-lock, or click-on method since gluing and nailing are not involved, but the results are the same. Just be sure to follow all the instructions, such as leaving sufficient room for expansion.

When in doubt, ask a Teragren bamboo flooring professional for more details. You can never go wrong when asking for advice from the people who have experience in handling Teragren bamboo boards especially when you consider the sizable investment involved.

Basic Installation Tips for Teragren Bamboo Floors

Now that you know the types of installation, you can keep the following basic installation tips in mind, too.

Avoid installing Teragren bamboo boards in below grade areas like basements since excess moisture can quickly damage the material, unless the manufacturer states otherwise.

Acclimate the Teragren bamboo boards before their installation. This means leaving the boards in the room where these will be installed for several days before the installation. This will make the boards become used to the room’s climate, thus, ensuring that the room’s humidity will not warp them after installation.

Install the Teragren bamboo boards parallel to the walls’ longest side and the room’s main incoming light source.

Install the Teragren bamboo floors perpendicular to the floor joints to ensure stability.
Better yet, learn from the masters of Teragren bamboo flooring by watching how they work and asking questions.