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Wood Floor Installation, Repair and Refinishing Services

Wood Floor Installation, Repair and Refinishing Services

Wood Floor Planet doesn’t just settle in marketing the best wood floors from trusted and prestigious manufacturing firms all over the world, but also provides excellent quality for various wood flooring-related services.

Wood Floor Installation

Exquisite and premium quality wood planks need only a seamless installation from the experts. Here in Wood Floor Planet, we ensure your newly bought wood floorboards undergo acclimation at least 48 hours prior to installation process. Have guaranteed fuss-free wood floor installation in your home or commercial facility for we have the experience for more than 25 years in the industry. Hiring Wood Floor Planet to install your chosen wood floors gives you the peace of mind that they will be precisely and professionally installed. As a result, your interior will have an enduring statement that can last for generations without fail.

Sandless Refinishing

For New Jersey homeowners, it’s time to renew your old-looking wood floors without fail! Take it from the wood floor technicians of Wood Floor Planet! You will be admiring your pristine wood floors in no time, as if they weren’t scuffed and scratched at all! With our sandless refinishing service, there’s always hope for a wood floors to shine and stand out once again!

Wood Floor Board Replacement

Fret no more if some damaged and stained floorboards cannot be sanded down and refinished, for we can still perform board replacement. Meticulous assessment of damaged boards, removal and replacement by identical boards with the same type, color and stain of unspoiled boards will be done. You wouldn’t even notice which one was removed and replaced for what we install will surely match and blend in with your current floorboards. With our professional floor board replacement, there is no more reason why you don’t want to switch to wood floors!

Floor Repair Services

Are you suffering from wood floor problems due to poor or incorrect installation? Wood Floor Planet can help you finally resolve your dilemmas and have peace of mind. Some of the common wood flooring problems are gaps on floorboards, buckling, crowning, crack or split wood, warping, cupping, sagging, and many more. Only skilled wood flooring technicians from Wood Floor Planet can resolve these issues and bring perfection in your wood floors.

Floor Resurfacing

Avail of our wood floor resurfacing service that aims to provide better protection against stains and tarnishing agents. Wood floors are great investment, thus, we want to upkeep its beauty and quality to last for a lifetime.

Wood Medallions and Inlays Installation

Show off your own style using custom designed wood medallions and inlays. Create a unique, exceptional statement in your home or office with pre-finished medallion and inlays, or have your desired style engraved artistically by our talented artisans. Level up the elegance and aesthetic appeal wherever in your abode by using your passion and creativity with the help of Wood Floor Planet. Achieving dazzling floors to complement with your interior has never been easier with the wood floor experts from Wood Floor Planet.

Our wood floor installation, repair and refinishing services is now available in New Jersey and the surrounding areas like Hoboken, Weehawken, Jersey City, West New York, etc.