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5 Common Hardwood Floor Questions

5 Common Hardwood Floor Questions

Hardwood Floor New Jersey, Hardwood Floor NJ, floor refinishing nj, hardwood flooring njFor homeowners, businessmen and new wood floor installers, it is common to find yourself asking so many questions regarding the hardwood floor you fancy to install. For your convenience, we have collected the top five hardwood floor questions most people ask.

How do I select the right wood floor species?

More than just choosing a color to complement your interior elements, selecting a species of wood entails various considerations such as texture, grain, cut and size. An important factor for those in a budget is the cost as well as availability of desired wood species. For hardwood installers, they tend to scrutinize the mechanical properties of the wood species such as durability, machinability, and ease of finishing according to NWFA. Skilled and experience hardwood floor experts can provide adequate knowledge regarding the matter. Seek help from the experts in Wood Floor Planet.

Where can I install hardwood floor?

Though hardwood floor is extremely durable in nature, it is recommended not to install this flooring in wet places such as bathrooms, verandas, washrooms, saunas or anywhere that often requires wet mopping. Basically, solid hardwood floor can be installed in any interior that is above ground with the exception of places that are commonly exposed to moisture. Excessive moisture can cause damage to the surface of the hardwood floor that may lead to warping, swelling or cracking.

What are the benefits of installing hardwood floor?

Hardwood floor has been a traditional flooring choice throughout the years. Here are the reasons why you should consider installing hardwood floor:

  • Hardwood floors have a variety of colors, grain patterns, texture and beauty that is incomparable to other flooring alternatives.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It promotes healthy indoor air quality since it doesn’t accumulate dust and allergens.
  • Hardwood floor can last a lifetime. With just sanding and refinishing, hardwood floor can look like new again even after decades of usage.

How do I maintain my hardwood floor?

Maintaining hardwood floor is straightforward. To optimize the hardwood floor’s appearance and to prevent it from damages, consider to follow these normal care and maintenance procedure in your usual chores.

  • One just need to damp mop, vacuum or sweep every now and then to get rid of tracked in dirt from the surface.
  • Place doormats or rugs on every entryway of the house. Also put a mat under kitchen sink and around the working area of the kitchen to prevent food and liquid spillage from the surface of the hardwood floor.
  • Never drag furniture or heavy objects. Place safety padding at the bottom of the legs of the furniture to protect the hardwood floor from scratches.
  • Protect the hardwood floor from direct sunlight. Though it has UV protection in its prefinish, it is recommended preventing prolong exposure to sunlight. Put drapery or curtain on windows.
  • Use recommended cleaning products by the manufacturer. Avoid using harsh chemicals in cleaning the surface.

How do I repair scratches on hardwood floor?

No matter how careful one is in maintaining hardwood floor, it is inevitable to have scratches on the surface. For a quick repair, use a touch up kit for urethane finishes. Otherwise, just wax the affected area with a clean cloth. For deep scratches and dents, you may want to call for help for a professional repair.

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