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5 Hardwood Floors Decorating Ideas

5 Hardwood Floors Decorating Ideas

Whether you are running out of hardwood floors decorating ideas or are looking for some designs to compare with, we have chosen some striking designs that may come in handy for homeowners who are planning for remodeling or construction. We understand that not everyone has creative mind that goes beyond compare. May these hardwood floors designs stir some creativity inside you and help you come up with the best interior style that works ideally for you.

Distressed Wood

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Does rustic look for your interior appeal to you? Then, this Hickory Antique Natural of Armstrong Hardwood Flooring is a sure winner of your heart. Expertly crafted to perfection, these floorboards were hand-scraped to achieve the classical look that never fades in fashion. This kitchen pulls off a countryside feel that complements the furniture and fixtures in light brown hue.

Reclaimed Wood Floors

Reclaimed Wood Floors, reclaimed wood flooring, reclaimed hardwood flooring

Successfully incorporating the patina of reclaimed wood in these floorboards, Armstrong Hardwood Flooring surely leveled up the aesthetics of laminate flooring. Combining vintage and rustic reclaimed wood appearance in floorboards, Architectural Remnants laminate collection is the new standard for home interior fashion. Breaking the softness of white and creams in this living room, the floorboards give off a vintage statement in the interior.

Brazilian Cherry Floors

Brazilian Cherry Floors, brazilian cherry hardwood, brazilian cherry wood, brazilian cherry flooring, cherry wood floors

Who would never be captivated by the beauty of exotic wood floors? In this Brazilian Cherry of Triangulo Flooring, the deep orange to russet or reddish brown shade of the floorboards harmonize with the cream, white and brown colors of the interior elements in the kitchen and dining area. Looking at this interior design sends a cozy and welcoming message to anyone who sees it.

White Oak Planks

White Oak Planks, quarter sawn oak lumber, quarter sawn white oak flooring

The moment you would see it, you know there is a romantic bathroom to linger into. Isn’t this a lovely interior? Though hardwood floor isn’t usually a major flooring alternative for bathroom, this interior design surely pulls it off! The pale white oak planks add to the intimate ambiance. This interior design for the bathroom is an ideal haven to stay fresh and comfy. Photo courtesy:

Ebonized Wood Floors

Ebonized Wood Floors, black hardwood floors, black wood flooring,

Create a sleek and contemporary home interior with ebonized hardwood floors. Easily add sophistication to any space by having these dark floorboards whether in oak, cherry and walnut. Any interior element stands out in contrast with the shiny black planks. A black and white ensemble is a proven classic style that never runs out of style. Go fab with black floors from dining room to bedroom. Photo courtesy:


  1. Those white oak planks are absolutely beautiful! My sister and her husband have been looking into building a new house and they are trying to decided on a hardwood floor design so they can get ready for installation. I think that the white oak would look so great with the overall feel of the home that they are building and it would definitely allow some wiggle room when it comes to decorating.

    • Hardwood floor is a best option when choosing flooring materials 🙂


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