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How to Keep Your Hardwood Floor Safe

How to Keep Your Hardwood Floor Safe

A homeowner who has a wood floor in his home will already know how challenging it is to keep the wood floor properly maintained. He will also know that hiring the services of a professional such as Wood Flooring NJ will be an expensive yet a necessary decision. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your wood floor protected and safe so that you will not have to call flooring services as often as they would like you to. Here are some wood floor protection options to keep your hardwood safe at all times.

Kraft paper. Most damages to your wood floors occur when you are doing some furniture moving or repainting your walls. In order to protect your floors from minor damages, spread Kraft paper on your floors before you begin painting your walls. Kraft paper will prevent any paint drip from affecting your wood floors. When moving heavy furniture, you can lift it a little and put Kraft paper between your furniture legs and floor before moving again. Kraft paper will lessen the friction between your furniture and wood floor and will prevent it from scratching the wood floor.

Protective film. A more durable way of protecting your wood floor from damage when doing painting jobs or moving furniture in your home is the protective plastic film. This is a self-sticking film that can cover almost all hard surfaces. You can use this film even to protect your tables and cabinets. Since this film is transparent, you can cover your whole wood floor with it for added protection especially on surfaces with the most foot traffic.

Neoprene matting. When you are working on a project that will involve the use of sharp tools, you can use neoprene mats to protect your wood floor in case these tools fall and damage your floors. Even if you are not working on a redecorating project, neoprene mats can also protect your wood floor for everyday use especially for the floors of children’s rooms. Children tend to play a lot and therefore may drop a lot of things on their floors. There are colorful neoprene mats that can completely cover the floor of your children’s room. Neoprene mats is also useful for padding your floors to protect children from injury when they fall on the floor. You can always remove the neoprene mats to reveal your pristine wood floor once your children are old enough.

If you invested a lot on your wood floor, protecting it from being damaged must be one of your priorities.

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