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The Sustainable Beauty of Quarter Sawn Flooring

The Sustainable Beauty of Quarter Sawn Flooring

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When visiting a home, one thing that always catches attention is the beauty of a quarter sawn flooring. Its beauty and magnificence is obtained through a detailed process of rift and quartered technique.

With this process, several creative quarter-sawn flooring design ideas are being produced, specifically suited to every home’s aesthetic needs. Not only these floor designs a beauty, quarter sawn flooring also possesses stability and resistance to warping, a factor which customers are very eager to have in their homes. The following are some great information to understand this process.

What to consider in staining quarter sawn flooring?

Seeing roughly-finished flooring is not a pretty sight. Staining is one of the methods employed to bring out the art and beauty of your floor:

  • Sanding via orbital sander. This is used to sand quarter sawn floors in order to avoid cross-grain scratches. Your orbital sander should come with a fine-grit sand disk for it to function properly and precisely.
  • Keep in mind to retain the grain appearance prior to choose the type of stains: there are stain types that highlight the beauty of the floors’ grain appearance. Avoid using dark stains, for it obstructs the beauty of the ray flecks in the wood. To highlight the flecks, it is highly suggested to use liquid or penetrating gel stains. Make sure that you use the proper applicator to do this to avoid ruining the quarter sawn wood.
  • Ensure that everything is prim and clean prior stain application: apply stain sealer one at a time as soon as the stain has been dried to ensure accuracy of application. This might sound pretty daunting, but it only takes patience to achieve the beauty of the wood.
  • Use absorbing rags to remove excess stain: of course, staining quarter sawn wood would involve some flaws, such as excessive application of stains. To lessen the gravity, it is advisable to use absorbing rags. Make sure that the rags are soft and really absorbent.

Integrate finishing touches on the stained wood

It is the finishing touches that bring out the amazing beauty of a quarter sawn flooring. The key to sealing the wood’s color and beauty is the protective topcoat. Not only it prolongs the wood’s color, it also provides protection from scratches and dirt. Other means of protecting your floor is to purchase furniture with attached casters. Also, place floor rugs on areas where there is heavy footing.

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