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Falling Hard in Love with Hardwood Flooring

Falling Hard in Love with Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring may be the last thing that you will want to fall in love with, figuratively speaking. But when you consider the economic and aesthetic values of hardwood floors in residential and commercial buildings, falling in love with these planks and strips for hardwood becomes possible.

Many reasons can be given for the popularity of hardwood flooring products although it must be said that the first reason you will fall in love with them will vary from the others.  For example, you were attracted to the beautiful colors and grains of the hardwood floors while your spouse favored the strength, stability and durability of the wood.

Whatever the reasons, you will find that hardwood flooring is as easy to love as it is easy to install and maintain for several years, perhaps even a few generations, to come.

Here are a few of these reasons to love hardwood flooring.

  • Durability

This is the primary reason for living hardwood floors especially as many of the following reasons have durability at its core.  Hardwood flooring products are the most durable and stable as well as the strongest natural flooring options available today.  This means that the hardwood floors will last for generations because of these qualities.

  • Classic yet modern aesthetics

Hardwood flooring can be both classic and modern depending on its grains, textures and colors as well as the manner in which it is installed and highlighted with furniture and furnishings.  The appreciation for hardwood flooring in both classic buildings and modern structures is universal, thanks to the ageless quality of the material.

  • Maintains beauty at it ages

Unlike other types of wood flooring materials, hardwood flooring maintains its beauty even as it ages – and in many types of hardwood, the beauty becomes more and more evident with age.  Of course, the beauty of aged hardwood floors partly depends on their proper maintenance, which is easy considering that hardwood is easy to maintain. Just clean the surfaces with regular vacuuming, mopping to ward off the dust, debris and dander, among others; periodic waxing maybe required.

  • Easy installation

Hardwood flooring should ideally be installed by professionals, but DIY efforts can also be successful with the right knowledge, skills and tools. Many types of hardwood flooring can be installed by following video instructions, too.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder then that hardwood flooring remains as one of the best choices in flooring, despite the presence of marble, polished concrete, and granite, among other choices.

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